Is Macbook Right for Your Next Laptop in 2024?

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First, I want to clear up the air that this is no typical Macbook review or a technical comparison between Macbooks and other laptops.

This article will serve as a very simple and basic guide for students and new users or Laptops. So let’s get the ball rolling.

Superb Built Quality of Macbook

Whether you are buying Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, both have superior built quality to most other laptops available in the market today.

I am using my second Macbook Air M2 currently and I feel that the built quality is, if not better, as good as the earlier Macbook Air M1 version I used.

No Damage on a Few Drops

It can easily handle a drop from 50-60cm without damage. Of course there are marks on the impact points, but it’s truly surprising that there was no damage to the screen, the battery or any other functionality of the Macbook.

The result may differ if it were to drop while being opened and it impacted directly on the display.

Damaged Laptop non Macbook

Most other laptops will barely handle this without significant damage. This implies the quality of material used to manufacture the laptop. We all know Apple products to be durable apart from other features.

Durable and Lasting Over Long Period of Use

An easy comparision to proof my point here is between Macbook Air and Lenovo Legion Gaming laptops.

I purchased the Lenovo Legion Gaming laptop couple years ago. The machine performed well but was easily susceptible to damages.

The built quality being plastic, and attracts easy damages. Moreover, after 2 years of use, the hinges (where it folds) becomes loose and prone to damage. It lost its stability which in turns poses risk to its display.

Macbooks have never have this problem and they are regid as new even after 3-4 years of use – not a sign of use. I particularly love this very quality.

Better and More Ergonomic Keyboard

It’s a known fact that Macbook keyboards are more comfortable for daily use. The keystrokes are more firm and stable. While some recent laptops have improved their keyboard experience, the Macbooks always gets them right, I must say.

You will need to practically test this to experience it. May be you don’t think this is much important if you aren’t typing a lot on your laptop. But it’s an important thing to consider.

Battery Backup and Portability

The whole point of buying a laptop is for its portability. And battery back up comes in handy too. Macbooks are known for their lightweight (especially Macbook Air) and great battery backup.

Post the launch of Apple’s in house processors – the M series, Macbook battery back up easily last for 2 days on full charge with heavy use.

Macbook Battery backup is great

This is from my personal experience and I greatly recommend for this battery back up and its light weight nature.

It’s not so easy to strike this balance with other brands laptop, although a few good ones are available.

Affordability as the Downside

While Macbooks are great and reliable, they come with a premium. You may need to save a little bit more to be able to afford Macbooks compared to other Windows laptops.

Various brands also offer laptops of comparable quality and features on their high end models. But they too comes at a price very silimar to the Macbooks.

But Macbooks are worth the price, obviously for all the reasons we read above. While the OS is a whole different experience from Windows, you will easily get used to it in a week or two once you start using it.

I hope you agree with most of what I wrote in this article. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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